Employment Opportunities

Cunningham Aquatics believes in working hard with its clients, to produce the highest quality of service possible. In doing so, Cunningham Aquatics employees are held to a higher set of standards, than other aquatics programs. Cunningham Aquatics feels that this creates an easier work environment for staff as well as a higher customer satisfaction rating. In return, Cunningham Aquatics is willing to compensate its' staff financially and with bonus incentives.

Staff Expectations

  1. Staff will be required to show up a minimum of 10 minutes before shift.
  2. Staff must wear proper uniform: bathing suit, shirt, shorts (optional.)
  3. All staff must conduct oneself in the best interest of Cunningham Aquatics.
  4. Must have appropriate knowledge of rescue techniques relating to employment status (i.e.: Lifeguard, WSI, Aide.)
  5. Must be responsible, reliable, courteous, and mature.
  6. Must participate in all in-service training assignments.

Available Positions

For more information about available positions inquire within by calling (203) 273-2895 or e-mail your resume to cunninghamaquatics@hotmail.com

Lifeguard (P/T)
Job Description:

Swim Instructor (P/T)
Job Description:

Amusement Personnel (P/T)
Job Description:

Hiring Requirements


200 Yds. Swim (under 4 min.)
10 Yds. Underwater Swim
5 Minute Treading Water
CPR Skill Test
CPR Knowledge
Rescue Skills Test
Rescue Skills Knowledge
First Aid Skills Test
First Aid Knowledge
Spinal Injuries Skill Test
Aquatic Rules and Prevention

In-Service Training Requirements


200 Yds. Swim (under 3:45 min.)
10 Yds. Underwater Swim
5 Minute Treading Water
CPR Skills (bi-weekly)
Rescue Skills (bi-weekly)
First Aid Skills (bi-weekly)
Backboarding (monthy)


Valid Instructor Card
First Aid Knowledge
CPR Knowledge
Records/Reports (monthy)
Teaching Skills Test (monthly)
Swimming Techniques (knowledge)


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