Financial Assistance

Cunningham Aquatics prides itself with the ability to serve and cater to all customers within the market, and will be more than happy to assist any of its customers with acquiring financial assistance. To be considered for financial assistance the participant must provide the following information:

  • Total yearly income
  • Number of people in the household
  • Rent or own household


Other information is required; however an official financial request form must be submitted to the Financial Director of Cunningham Aquatics. A request for financial assistance will receive a response to an application within two weeks, from the day it was received.


All discounts and coupons must be pre-approved by Cunningham Aquatics upon booking a date. The coupon must then be given to the lifeguard/instructor together with the outstanding balance at the time of service.


If the client cancels the appointment with Cunningham Aquatics, the client must forfeit the discount or coupon to be used on that confirmed booking date.

Cunningham Aquatics is not responsible for replacing lost or stolen coupons.


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